What is an Ebonnet?

  • Ebonnets are handmade with high quality Satin or double lined with Charmeuse Satin, which is made of extremely tightly bound satin threads that provides optimum retention of the hairs natural oils along with providing additional moisture on your hairs delicate strands.  Charmeuse allows moisture to stay within the atsmosphere of the bonnet which results in soft healthy hair!

What is Charmeuse Satin?

  • Charmeuse is a luxury fabric made of polyester fibers. It provides the same benefits as silk with a satin weave finish and is much more durable. It has a floating appearance which drapes very well, especially for formal wear. The fabric is also extremely lightweight,
     and it has a glossy appearance and extremely soft texture. This fabric should be handled with care, since it is very fragile.

How to Care for Charmeuse Satin?

  • As a general rule, charmeuse can be hand washed with cold water and gentle soaps. It should be laid out flat or hung to dry, although clotheslined charmeuse should not be attached with clothespins, since they will leave marks. Charmeuse should also not be twisted or contorted while it is wet, because it may set permanent wrinkles in the fabric. Sulfate shampoo works great for hand washing the Ebonnets.

The Benefits of Satin?

  • Cotton may feel warm and cozy, but it is a highly absorbent material that draws moisture from our skin and hair as we sleep. We actually need the oils that are leached by cotton to keep our hair calm and our skin supple. In addition, the weave of a cotton pillowcase acts like an abrasive material, catching individual stands of hair and causing them to tangle and break. That same weave pressed against our faces at night causes our ever-less-elastic skin to crease. And like any other repeated action, those creases can eventually become permanent. A satin pillowcase, on the other hand, allows our face and head to move easily across its surface, avoiding the friction and damage caused by cotton.

Satin and Medicine?

  • Satin pillowcases have proven worthy enough of consideration that some medical experts recommend them to their patients being treated for cancer and hepatitis C,
     people who often spend extended periods of time in bed as they recover. This time in bed can cause frictional Alopecia, which is the abnormal loss of the hair root and hair shaft caused by the head rubbing against the abrasive properties of cotton. The website Thinning Hair Secrets says that satin helps avoid hair loss that occurs due to friction or a shearing effect and Natural Cancer Supplements says that hair slides across the pillow rather than rubbing. The same “sliding” effect is why we wake up with less nocturnal creases after sleeping on a satin pillowcase.

When will you restock?

  •  I generally completely restock on the first of each month.  You are welcome to contact EboniCurls with all inquiries.