Hi guys! Look who’s bloggin. I hope there’s room for one more blogger. I am always so busy between working, gym, doing my hair, spending time with the love of my life, meaning my dog, MooShu the Pug. I don’t always get to make as many YouTube vids as I’d like. So I hope this will be a much better, faster way to keep in touch with everyone. I am always wanting to share my experiences & trying out great products like this awesome Creme Brulee Hair & Body Butter by Reve Essentials  I did this super cool and defined twist out with. It does everything it promises and it smells so good! I havent stopped sniffing it since I got it.  I figured if it looks like cake and it smells like cake, then it must taste like cake.  So today I decided to take a lick.  Please don’t do that! Don’t be fooled by the smell.  It tastes like deoderant. You may ask how do I know how deoderant tastes. Well, I’ve tried it before.  I’m weird like that sometimes. They all taste the same….Bitter. Lol. 


As you may know I am no longer on Etsy. I am so happy and excited about the new site, EboniDreams.  I hope that you will enjoy it just as much as the Etsy store. I sure am loving it!  If you havent,  please check it out.  I’ve added new items and a few more new Ebonnets.  The collection is always growing!

I would like to host my very first Blog GIVEAWAY. Yay!! I would like to giveaway this beautiful ArtisticFloral Double Lined Ebonnet. It reminds me so much of the Artistic Nights Ebonnet but with a floral essence. The Artistic Nights Ebonnet hasnt been around for a while now and I’ve had a few inquiries about it. Since this one is very similiar, I think it would make a lovely Giveaway item.

artistic Floral Ebonnet

So here’s how this baby can be yours Honey! Comment below and tell me what color you’d like this Ebonnet lined with.  The color choices are: Purple, Hot Pink, Royal Blue, Lime Green, Black,  Bubble Gum Pink and Red.  And that’s it! It is that easy. That’s all you have to do.  I will use random.org to select a winner.  I will contact the winner to get your information.  International participants are welcome to enter. This giveaway will end on Monday 2/18/13.

Good Luck! Thank you so much for your support and participation.  Until next time…